Georgie Paws

Tonto Collar


Georgie Paws Tonto Collar

The Tonto Collar is an 8 plait design handmade by expert craftsmen in buffalo leather - what skill!

Handmade antique brass hardware with leather that shapes readily to the neck of your hound. 

4 Really Good Reasons why Georgie Paws use Buffalo Leather:

  • The actual leather is softer, stronger and more stable
  • It resists cracking in the seawater
  • Absorbs and releases moisture making it comfortable to use
  • It is religious neutral

Size: Sizing is a little flexible with the flat plait design. These are our standard sizes. Widths may vary on each design.

Medium: first hole 27cm - last hole 37cm - width 2cm - fits most border terriers, beagles, pugs

Large: first hole 37cm - last hole 47cm - width 2.5cm - fits most collies, labs, golden retrievers

xLarge: first hole 47cm - last hole 57cm - width 2.5cm - fits most boxers, german shepherds, fat labs