Salt Water Sandals

Sun-San Swimmer | Adult

$129.00 $129.00

Salt Water Sandals | Sun-San Swimmer | Adult

With their vintage good looks, you could be forgiven for mistaking the Sun-San Swimmer for our classic Salties. But just like the kids’ range, adult Swimmers rock a padded sole so you can stroll, shop, and scour the shoreline all the live long day and still stay comfy.

Colours available: Tan, Black

Material: Made from beautiful leather and hand-finished with classic brass buckles.

Size & Fit: All sizes refer to Salt Water's own sizing and EU sizing.

For best care: Thanks to high quality leather and rustproof brass buckles, these durable sandals can be given a quick hand wash in cold water if mucky! In fact, they are water loving – get them wet, wear them until dry, and the leather will mould to your feet like they were made for you.

Manufactured in both the USA and in China.