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Rampal Latour Extra Pure Marseille Soap - Green Cube

Rampal Latour Extra Pure Marseille Soap - Green Cube

Scent of Provence
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Manufactured in Provence since 1828, discover the exceptional Marseille soap.

Historical french Manufacturer of Marseille soap since 1828, Rampal Latour is presenting the true Extra Pure Marseille Soap, prepared from olive oil, guaranteed 72% pure vegetable oils. Ardent defenders of its quality, Rampal Latour is the only manufacturers in France able to offer you a true Marseille Soap, certified by Ecocert.

Hypoallergenic: the Marseille soap is Guaranteed Extra Pure and respects all skin types, even the most sensitive. In particular thanks to the virtues of olive oil, the skin is healthy, calmed and protected. Reassuring, it does not contain any perfume, artificial colouring agents, preserving agents, or any synthetic additives.

Multi-purpose, effective: Traditionally renowned for removing stains and washing laundry perfectly clean, even baby clothes, it is pure, gentle and calming to use to cleanse even the most delicate skin.

Respectful: Extra gentle to the environment, it is easily biodegradable, does not contain phosphates or any synthetic product.

Size: 600gm