Nathalie Lété | Jigsaw Puzzle


Nathalie Lété | Jigsaw Puzzle

Welcome to Nathalie Lété’s Enchanted World. Retrace the magic of artist Nathalie Lété’s imagination and revel in her breathtaking colors and imagery in these gorgeous puzzles.

A beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one. These full-color puzzles with interlocking pieces, includes a mini-poster for reference or framing.

Rabbits: 500-piece puzzle; In a garden bursting with wildflowers, magic mushrooms, luscious berries and vegetables that smell of the earth, three rabbits sit and watch . . . and watch and watch. Finished puzzle is 19" x 23 4/5"

In the dark: 500-piece puzzle; Walking into the garden at night is like entering a dream. Moths flit about, night blossoms bloom, and look the little hedgehog freezes, waiting for you to pass. Finished puzzle is 19" x 23 4/5"

Fall Foxes: 1,000-piece puzzle; It's like a meditation on the beauty of fall in the woods, lit with reds and browns and oranges. But what of the foxes have they stepped out to guide us, or should we continue on our way? Finished puzzle is 19" x 23 4/5"

Mushrooms: 1,000-piece puzzle; A pair of butter-yellow chanterelles, a beautiful speckled red agaricus in this budding grove of magic mushrooms. Finished puzzle is 19" x 23 4/5"

Nathalie Lété was born in France to a German mother and a Chinese father. A prolific and versatile artist, she has been commissioned to create work for brands around the world, from fashion and design brands in Japan and China to ceramic companies in the Netherlands to furniture brands in England, France, New Zealand, and Australia. She has held independent exhibitions around the globe, and in 2015, a retrospective exhibition of her work was mounted at the Musee de la Piscine in Roubaix, France. She lives and works in Paris.

Printed in China.