Le Panier

French Market Basket | Deluxe Handle


Le Panier | French Market Basket | Deluxe Handle

This beautiful French Market basket is handwoven by farmers in Morocco using fallen palm fronds, providing a form of secondary income during the winter months, and as such, each basket is unique.

The deluxe round 60cm leather handles are from goat, cow or camel, a sustainable by-product, rivetted and stitched for extra strength. A woven rim and base ensures the basket won't topple over when placed on the ground or table.

  • Original, genuine French market baskets from Morocco have been made in the same way for generations
  • Strips are woven from fallen palm fronds then sewn together in ‘rounds’ (the more rounds, the larger the bag). Each one can take up to eight hours to weave, depending on the size
  • Lightweight and strong, these baskets are ideal for the supermarket or market, as a beach or pool bag, washing basket, picnic hamper or storage basket at home

Size: approx 50 (l) x 32 (w) x 32 (h) cm

Handcrafted in Morocco.