Lyttelton Pottery

Lyttelton Pottery Cup


Lyttelton Pottery | Cup

A fully ceramic cup that is as easy on the eyes, as it is on the earth.

Lyttelton Pottery’s reusable Deksel Cup is crafted from a robust Temuka porcelain clay body – originally formulated for use in industrial infrastructure – resulting in a surprisingly resilient ceramic vessel.

The world-first ceramic lid provides a drinking experience that’s superior to the usual fully-silicon lid used in ceramic take-away cups. A silicon band seals the lid to the beaker ensuring there is no unwanted spillage while enjoying your favourite hot beverage.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe

Size: Small 125ml: Holds a small-sized coffee, perfect for a long black / Regular: 250ml: Holds a regular-sized coffee, perfect for a latte.

Made in New Zealand.