Lyttelton Pottery

Lyttelton Pottery | Beaker


Lyttelton Pottery | Beaker

Lyttelton Pottery Beakers are crafted from a robust Temuka porcelain clay body, formulated for industrial use, resulting in a surprisingly resilient ceramic vessel. Perfect for coffees at home and colourful dinner table settings. This beaker comes in two sizes, small and regular. Small is perfect for a long black. Regular holds a regular-sized coffee.

Founded by Rob Uivel, Lyttelton Pottery is a ceramic studio based in the beautiful Lyttelton harbour. Its products tackle particular ceramic design challenges using a blend of traditional hand craftsmanship and modern methods.

Material: Temuka porcelain

Size: Small: 125ml / Regular: 250ml

Please note: Beakers are not made to fit lids from Lyttelton Pottery Cups.

Made in New Zealand.