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Jester Collar


Georgie Paws | Jester Collar

The Jester Collar is handmade by the expert craftsmen at Georgie Paws. Using waxed colourful thread and waxed dark brown leather, Violet had horses and fun times in mind when designing this range.

Match the collar with a Jester Lead for extra credibility.

Buffalo Leather - not only smart but strong, supple and will last a lot longer for hounds that are in and out of the water.

Material: Buffalo leather, brass

Size: Jester is a slightly narrower collar and lead combination at just 2cm wide.

Small: first hole 23cm - last hole 31cm - total length 36 - fits most puppies, yorkies, toy poodles

Medium: first hole 31cm - last hole 41cm - total length 46 - fits most border terriers, beagles, pugs, jack russells

Large: first hole 41cm - last hole 51cm - total length 56 - fits most kelpies, labs, golden retrievers

xLarge: first hole 51cm - last hole 61cm - total length 66 - fits most boxers, german shepherds, fat labs

Designed in Australia. Made in Pakistan.