Heritage Pavilion Large Denby Mug


Heritage Pavilion Large Denby Mug

A stunning mug which would be ideal for hot drinks, soups or desserts.

The Heritage Pavilion range takes inspiration from archive pieces from the 1950's. Morish ice - cream hues meet retro graphic motifs to result in truly artisanal pieces. Using only highest quality locally sourced clay, craftsmen use skills passed down through generations to create each piece.

The range creates a relaxed feel throughout, with innovative 'speckle' techniques being applied to create the artisanal motifs.

Material: Stoneware clay is very strong. It is fully vitrified (the surface is made glassy and non-porous) which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance.

Size: 13 x 9.5 x 9 cm, 390ml