Bougies la Francaise

French Candles | 20cm


Bougies la Française | French Candles | 20cm

Made in France on vintage machines, these classic table candles are designed using traditional methods to guarantee you top-of-the-range quality. Available in a variety of delighful colours, these candles will add pops of colour to your next dinner party table setting.

  • Cotton wick
  • Drip-free
  • Smoke-free
  • Approximately 7 hours burn time

Bougies la Française have been making candles since 1902, producing only the highest quality candles through a combination of historical practices and modern techniques. Awarded by the French State with a Living Heritage Company label. A recognition of French excellence and creativity that distinguishes a company that successfully combines manufacturing with very high added value, passion and innovation.

Material: Paraffin (Mineral) wax

Size: 2.2cm (dia) x 20cm (h)

Made in France.