Beka | Cast Iron Tea Kettle 1L | Junna Ocean


Beka | Cast Iron Tea Kettle 1L | Junna Ocean

Its unique design and colour make this cast-iron tea kettle a real eye-catcher.


  • A stainless steel tea strainer with fine holes and a basket offering sufficient space for the leaves to circulate. 
  • A cleverly designed anti-drip spout preventing leakage when pouring.
  • The durable cast iron material is an excellent heat conductor and retains heat for a long time.
  • The extra wide base allows you to use the Junna on all types of hobs (including induction). The water can therefore be heated over a low to medium heat, and then the tea can be added.
  • The aroma of fresh tea is subtly dispersed through the small steam hole in the lid.
  • Fold-down handle makes storage neat and efficient.

Material: Cast iron, Steel Side handle

Size: 18cm (l) x 18cm(w) \ 1.93kg \ 1L