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Bald Collar | Chive


Georgie Paws | Bald Collar | Chive

The Bald Collar is a classic, well-rounded, no-frills collar in fabulous buffalo leather. Beautifully hand made with antique brass hardware to withstand elements, time and sunshine.

Buffalo Leather - not only smart but strong, supple and will last a lot longer for hounds that are in and out of the water.

Material: Buffalo leather, antique brass

Size: 2cm wide, size small is a little narrower.

Small: first hole 23cm - last hole 31cm - total length 36 - fits most puppies, yorkies, toy poodles

Medium: first hole 31cm - last hole 41cm - total length 46 - fits most border terriers, beagles, pugs, jack russells

Large: first hole 41cm - last hole 51cm - total length 56 - fits most kelpies, labs, golden retrievers

XLarge: first hole 51cm - last hole 61cm - total length 66 - fits most boxers, german shepherds, fat labs

Designed in Australia. Made in Pakistan.