Amuleto Rose Quartz Bracelet/Wrap 4mm | Goldfilled


Vania | Amuleto Rose Quartz Bracelet/Wrap 4mm | Goldfilled

The Amuleto Rose Quartz Bracelet & Wrap by Auckland-based jewellery brand VANIA, features beautiful rose quartz beads. Rose Quartz is believed to be the teacher of the true essence of love. Rumor has it that Ancient Egyptians used to ground rose quartz to a fine powder to make facial masks, illustrating the importance of self-care and that the pouring of love begins within. By wearing this bracelet be reminded that the greatest love you can offer yourself first is unconditional self-love. Remember to check in with yourself and if you are being committed to your intention of self-love, however that manifests for you. 

VANIA is a contemporary jewellery brand inspired by nature and its gems, each piece is carefully designed, and handcrafted in New Zealand with A grade gemstones and precious metals. VANIA believes that gemstones serve as amulets and gentle daily reminders of our connection to mother nature and the present moment.

Material: A grade Natural Rose Quartz beads, gold-filled beads, elastic

Size: 17.5cm,(wrap can be wrapped around your wrist three times), 4mm beads

Designed and made in New Zealand.

Please note: A slight variation in colour and pattern are to be expected from natural gemstones. No two VANIA pieces are ever identical. Photographs are for style reference and actual product may vary slightly from that shown.