Takaro Game - Into The Wild


Takaro Game - Into The Wild

Time to explore the outdoors with Tākaro! - Into the Wild. Learn more Te Reo so you can korero about our beautiful ngāi kīrehe (fauna) & ngāi tipu (flora). 

The game is incredibly simple yet entertaining and fun for the whole whānau. Each card features a number of symbols. Each of these symbols will have a direct Māori translation, which players will need to memorize and learn. Players will flip over two cards competing to find the matching symbols; the first player to call out the correct translation wins the round.

  • Contents: 57 x Playing Cards, 8 x Reference cards
  • Play involves: Matching, Memory, Pattern Recognition
  • 2-8 players
  • 10-15 mins playing time
  • Ages 4+