Salt Water Sandals

Salt Water Shark | Adult

$129.00 $129.00

Salt Water Sandals | Salt Water Shark | Adult

With a closed-in toe and classic plaited front, the Salt Water Shark is a big burst of nostalgia in one stylish sandal. Based on an authentic 1940s design, we love the Shark for its practical good looks, adjustable straps and cool, cool, comfort. 

Colours available: Tan, Black

Material: Made from beautiful leather and hand-finished with classic brass buckles.

Size & Fit: All sizes refer to Salt Water's own sizing and EU sizing.

For best care: Thanks to high quality leather and rustproof brass buckles, these durable sandals can be given a quick hand wash in cold water if mucky! In fact, they are water loving – get them wet, wear them until dry, and the leather will mould to your feet like they were made for you.

Manufactured in both the USA and in China.