Roman Catapult


A fun hands-on project for inquiring kids of all ages, build and play!

Originally invented by the Greeks over 2000 years ago and widely used by the Romans in battles and sieges, the Catapult had many different methods of launching projectiles. During the Roman Empire the Catapult was refined and improved and this model represents a smaller version of a common catapult style of the time.

Based on drawings and written records, this catapult re-creates the way in which tension powered siege engines worked and can fire small clay balls (included) and other soft projectiles - over 15 feet!

  • Easy to make in about an hour
  • Natural untreated wood from sustainable forests
  • All pieces pre-cut and ready to go
  • Parts are pegged for extra strength
  • Recommended for Ages 14+ (While the kit can be made by people younger than 14, it does launch a projectile, so if used by people under 14, please make sure there is parental supervision for the launching).

Assembled Size: 29 x 23 cm