Georgie Paws

Polo Collar Brass Hardware


Georgie Paws Polo Collar Brass Hardware

The Polo Collar is handmade by the expert craftsmen at Georgie Paws. Waxed thread gives the luxury feel of royalty and horses, whilst the buffalo leather outperforms all others. Excellence on all fronts!

Match the collar with a Polo Lead for extra credibility. Available in Hector, Kaliman, Poppy, Hi Ho Silver, Bombay. Please note that the Kaliman Collar has brass hardware not silver as per photo.

Made with buffalo leather - not only smart but strong, supple and will last a lot longer for hounds that are in and out of the water.

Material: Buffalo leather & brass

Size: Please note that these are the standard sizes, widths may vary on each design as each collar is hand made, allow small variations on these measurements.

Small: first hole 20cm - last hole 28cm - width 1.5cm - fits most puppies, yorkies, toy poodles

Medium: first hole 27cm - last hole 37cm - width 2cm - fits most border terriers, beagles, pugs

Large: first hole 37cm - last hole 47cm - width 2.5cm - fits most collies, labs, golden retrievers

xLarge: first hole 47cm - last hole 57cm - width 2.5cm - fits most boxers, german shepherds, fat labs