Noble Wilde

Noble Wilde | Herringbone Scarf


Noble Wilde | Herringbone Scarf

This classic Herringbone Scarf is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Made in New Zealand by Noble Wilde from a blend of Merino Wool, Possum Fur, and Silk.

Merino wool provides natural warmth and insulation while still allowing the skin to breathe, and possum fur is a hollow fibre that offers superior warmth and is incredibly lightweight. Silk provides additional strength and smoothness to the knit.

Material: 53% Merino Wool, 40% Possum Fur, 7% Silk
Size: Available in one size
Made in New Zealand
Noble Wilde's sustainability statement: We rely upon the environment to craft garments from nature’s finest fibres. By seeking more responsible and sustainable ways to reduce the impact of our manufacturing and production processes, Noble Wilde is continuously working toward a cleaner, healthier relationship with our planet.