Kontex 40 Stripe Towel Range


Kontex 40 Stripe Towel Range

Treat yourself to the soft and luxurious 40 Stripe Towel range by Kontex. Requiring skilled craftmanship, these towels are slowly woven with an old loom using a thread that is twice as thin as a normal towel thread. The thin thread promotes water absorption and creates a space between the piles, so it dries quickly.

Featuring a classic stripe on either a Navy Blue or Ivory base these towels will look stylish in your bathroom or at the gym.

Established in 1934 in a small town in Japan, Kontex have been designing and producing original textiles using old traditional looms and weaving techniques. Kontex produce towels that are well-known for their natural softness, superior absorbency and lightness. All textiles are strictly woven from cotton and linen that's been cleaned with water from Mt. Ishizuchi with low mineral content, and for dyeing processes natural orange oil is used.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: Bath towel: 69 x 125cm / Hand towel: 35 x 83cm / Face Cloth 35 x 36cm

Made in Japan