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Kitchen Knives


Kitchen Knives

This Argentine creole design facilitates many different uses due to its blade length; eating al fresco, bbq cooking or for use in the kitchen.

Handcrafted in Argentina by talented craftsmen. The handles are hand-carved from native wood after a 30-year drying period. Top quality steel is used to create each blade, either German stainless steel or high-carbon steel from recycled plow discs. Blades are subjected to quenching and tempering treatments to improve edge quality and resistance.

A genuine hand-made leather case, tanned by natural processes that won't damage the quality of the steel when sheathing is included.

Steel : AISI 420 stainless 

Small knife: Total length: 22.5cm / Blade length: 12.5cm

Medium knife: Total length: 24.5cm / Blade length: 14cm

Large knife: Total length: 31cm / Blade length: 18cm

Made in Argentina