Workman Publishing

Jungle: A Photicular Book


Jungle: A Photicular Book

Jungle features captivating animals in vivid colour and vibrant motion: A tree frog blinks his big red eyes, A tiger stalks his prey, A blue leaf monkey scratches his back, A tarantula scurries across the ground, A butterfly drinks from a tropical flower, A whipsnake darts its tongue, A nocturnal tarsier scans for food, A vividly patterned macaw comes in for a landing

The book includes an opening essay on the diverse and exotic wildlife found in the jungle, as well as profiles of each animal. It's a family-friendly exploration of a captivating place and the animals that populate it.

Jungle is for nature lovers, armchair travellers (and the growing number of people who are travelling in person to rainforests around the world), families and animal lovers of all kinds.

Publisher: Workman Publishing
Published: 3rd August 2016
Pages: 24
ISBN: 9780761189534