Da Vinci Catapult


Da Vinci Catapult

A fun project from one of the great minds in history!

Leonardo da Vinci redesigned the catapult around 1485, and used the spring-like energy stored in bent wood to give power to the swing arm. Pathfinders have re-created da Vinci's catapult here in a working model that will fling a small clay ball over 4 meters! You can experiment with flinging grapes, and those fun mini marshmallows too.

  • Easy to make in about an hour
  • Natural untreated wood from sustainable forests
  • All pieces pre-cut and ready to go
  • Parts are pegged for extra strength
  • Recommended for Ages 14+ (While the kit can be made by people younger than 14, it does launch a projectile, so if used by people under 14, please make sure there is parental supervision for the launching).

Size: 42cm tall, 42cm across